Mission ESA-43633 Experience


Great for hybrid and remote teams to improve their communication, collaboration and strengthen bonds...

In outer space!

how it works:

You are a team of astronauts in an interplanetary spaceship, about to go back to Earth after an 8 month long mission on space. Everything seems to be going well but then… an asteroid hits the ship and you will need to collaborate with the team members to fix it!

The astronauts are all locked in different parts of the spaceship, and each of them have unique roles and information, so communicating and collaborating with each other will be key to surviving the crash, fixing the ship and bringing the crew back to Earth.

After the escape room part, they go onto the debriefing, where they discuss how the mission went, and will open up to each other about how they felt and how they would improve in the future. They will even set measurable goals to improve their communication at work.


Mission ESA-43633 is a great remote team building activity that works well for hybrid and remote teams that already work together within the same team, but also between different teams, to improve interdepartmental connectivity.

During this activity they will improve and learn the importance of effective and efficient communication, collaboration, as well as listening to each other to achieve their goals as a team. The activity is specifically designed to make those who regularly seat back and watch, speak, and those who normally take the lead, to let others take the spotlight in different situations.

This event is fun, and has both fast-paced puzzles where you need to act quickly, and challenges where you need to take time and figure things out as a team.


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