About Us

About Us

Skyrocket Your Team is created for remote teams across the world to feel engaged and connected despite the physical distance. Through our well-designed, unique, and engaging experiences, remote teams get to learn and grow together, as a team. We are a remote team on our own and we have been working together for years.

Our Story

It was in March 2020 when the five of us —Gerardo, Jorge, Ksenia, Mayri and Tom— reconnected to get together on “lockdown” Sundays and participate in an online pub quiz. We enjoyed spending time with each other and as they say… some friendships never grow old!

Through a friend we got to experience a simple online escape room and realized its potential for learning and development. As an international remote team operating from four different countries and three timezones, we know very well all the challenges that come with working remotely: loneliness, disconnection and miscommunication. We want to help companies overcome these challenges so their teams can rise to new heights!

To speed up our idea validation, we decided to take part in the EUvsVirus Hackathon during the last weekend fo April 2020, with the idea of online escape rooms for team building. Over the course of 48 hours we created, polished and piloted with our mentors the fist concept of the Skyrocket Your Team experience. As a result, we were awarded by the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications as the winner of the Efficient Team Work category of the Business Continuity Track and got business consulting services from Cordial.

Soon after, we joined the Bridge For Billions and Seedstars programmes, launched in Product Hunt and got our first customers to experience the Mission ESA-43633. You could say that Skyrocket Your Team skyrocketed during Summer 2020!

Our Team

Gerardo García Díaz

Gerardo García Díaz

Estonia (from Northern Spain)

Gerardo is our ‘Swiss Army Knife’. He brings us startup knowledge and experience, creativity and operations, as well as technical thinking to make sure our UI meets user's needs.

Jorge Sánchez Hernández

Jorge Sánchez Hernández

Kyrgyzstan (from Southern Spain)

Jorge is our networking guru. He knows how to make things happen and get people excited, converting prospects into leads with his charm and good vibes.

Ksenia Lupanova

Ksenia Lupanova

Spain (from Siberian Russia)

Ksenia is our graphic designer. With her experience working for international firms, she makes sure all our visuals are top-notch.

Mayri Tiido


Mayri is our adult educator. She ensures that all our experiences bring the highest learning value, as well as that our business processes are running smoothly.

Tom Simons

Tom Simons

The Netherlands

Tom is our interaction designer and product expert. He does the coding and ensures that we’re building products that are user-centered and interactive.

Felipe Molina Bonito


Felipe is our Unity developer with 7 years of experience. He loves programming but also animate objects, creating new sounds and visual effects. His motto is "Leave your code better than you found it".

Our Mentors

Nick Traenkle

Nick Traenkle

Head of Processes and Digital Transformation @ elobau


Nick joined us as a mentor during the EUvsVirus Hackathon, so he has been with us from the very beginning. He is a firm advocate of remote work, leading that transformation at his workplace. He also writes his own blog about the topic.

Florian Gansemer

Florian Gansemer

Managing Director @ Daily Greens Food & Lunchzeit


Florian is supporting us with his knowledge on building a SaaS product and how to approach our target groups. We have found each other through the Bridge For Billions incubation in which he is our designated mentor and we couldn’t be more happier.

James S. York

James S. York

Director of US Business & Innovation @ Enterprise Estonia

Estonia (from New York)

James joined us as a mentor during the Basecamp Online Autumn Hackathon 2020. He is helping us in the Sales and Marketing are thanks to his experience, gathered during nearly a decade of working with startup and innovation companies in Estonia, the UK and US in both senior management and consultative capacities.

Our Supporters

Company information

Skyrocket Your Team OÜ

Address: P. Süda 11, 10118 Tallinn, Estonia

Registration number: 14989523

VAT ID: EE102306767

Bank account: EE937700771005068486



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