Our events

Our events

Our virtual team building events are fun, collaborative and educational. You will immerse yourself into a roleplay story with your teammates, where each of you have different roles, abilities and information and need to solve a set of puzzles together.

After the escape room, you will debrief in small groups to understand what went well, what went wrong and how you can improve your teamwork.

If you’re looking for an event to improve collaboration and communication in your remote teams, these are for you!

Mission ESA-43633

You’re a team of astronauts returning from deep space. You’re about to go back home after an 8 month long mission, but… 😱 Mayday, Mayday! An asteroid hits the spaceship and all the systems are down! You will have to fix the spaceship and fly it back to Earth safely, together as a team.

The Mystery of Isla Perdida

You’re a team of treasure hunters on a quest to find the legendary island that (the tale says) emerges from the sea under very specific conditions, somewhere in the Bermuda triangle. If you find it, your mission is to get all the treasures and get back home safe and sound. But… watch out! The tale also talks about mysterious hazards on the island that protect its treasures!

And more to come!

We are always developing new experiences.

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Payment Operations Team @ Wise (formerly known as Transferwise)

My team and I had a lot of fun doing the team building by Skyrocket Your Team. It definitely tested our communication and creativity skills, in a different way than we were used to. We'd highly recommend it for a great (and enjoyable) teamwork experience!

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