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  • Our average group pays $35-45 per person, depending on the group size.
  • Prices are lower for large groups.
  • We have discounts of up to 50% for non-profits and youth organizations. Learn more.

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What we offer:

Replace your virtual team games with a rewarding team building activity

Self-facilitated Game
Most Popular
  • Total duration (~90 to 120 minutes)
  • Accommodate 3 - 1,000+ participants
  • Small groups of 3-5 participants
  • Debriefing pack included
Facilitator-led Game
Dive deeper into the debriefing
  • Everything from Self-facilitated Game
  • 1 Adult educator per group, accompanying them through the escape room and leading the debriefing.
  • A detailed performance report of the team members and how they can further improve communication and teamwork as individuals and as a team.

Take it to the next level
with one of our extra services!

A professional facilitator to host your activity

Get one facilitator to introduce the experience for your whole group at the beginning, and to close the activity with an extra 20 minutes reflection as a company about how to move forward and keep up the team spirit and collaboration that the activity sparked.

Zoom hosting

We host your team building or retreat event on our Zoom, with professional technicians and facilitators (for large groups). We're great at hosting a good show and managing the technicalities of Zoom, so let us take care of everything and just enjoy a great experience together with your colleagues.

Customize the activity with your brand

Personalize the escape room to your company logo, colors and identity for a fully immersive experience. Our design team will make the experience seem native to your company. Every customization is unique, and this is recommended for large groups.

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